Is Your Messed Up Relationship Messing Up Friendships?

Fighting.  Bickering.  Nagging.  That’s all you and your boyfriend do anymore.  Who is going to call who back and apologize?  Which one will chase the other out the door and beg them to talk it out.  I don’t think that this is the way you want your relationship to be but you continue to walk down the same path.

Have you ever thought about who else your relationship might be affecting?  Think about it.  All you do is argue with your boyfriend while your best friend sits on the couch and listens.  They come over to hang out with you but you are constantly trying to put your relationship on good terms.  Your friend is going to start to get irritated and stop coming over.  Not only is it annoying to listen to but no friend wants to be the constant mediator.  They didn’t sign up to be the third person in your relationship so they shouldn’t be treated like they are.

Start looking outside of your small relationship box and see how it is hurting your actual friendships.  When you focus solely on your boyfriend it isn’t healthy for you or anyone else in your life.  Trying to fix something that obviously can’t be fixed isn’t worth the time.

Ask your friends for advice instead of bringing them in the middle.  Also, pay attention to them and their feelings so you don’t accidentally push them away.


2 Responses to “Is Your Messed Up Relationship Messing Up Friendships?”
  1. Lauren says:

    Hmmm…is this about me? lol I am guilty of this at times…however, I think I have gotten better. Some people argue 24/7 and want their friends to tell them it will be OK one minute, and the next they want them to drive them to their boyfriends house and egg it.

    • KendraLee says:

      This is not directed towards you even though you have unfortunately fallen into this category. It is true – one minute they girl is O.K. and the next minute she’s screaming “GET ME A MACHETE!” Not a healthy lifestyle, right?

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