Help Fighting Spring Allergies

It’s been a long winter for a LOT of people living in the United States. Big snow storms, cold snaps and a late onset of spring has many people itching to get some warmer weather. But with a late spring looming soon – it has to come every year, no matter how much you think it won’t ever get here – a few things are probably going to happen. The temperatures will climb fast, the plants and trees will explode with life and spring allergies will quickly become miserable!

In order to enjoy your spring, there are a few tricks to try and outsmart those pesky things that keep you itching your eyes, blowing your nose and sneezing. But you need to start practicing them now, before spring gets too much in bloom where you live.

Build it up!

If you are known to have allergies, your doctor might have you on a prescription or over the counter medicine to prevent the symptoms of your allergies. Start taking that medicine now so it can build up in your system. When there are more reserves in your system – before the actual allergen, you can have a smaller allergic reaction.

Start early.

That allergen that causes you to sneeze, itch or have a runny nose might be present in a small amount, you just don’t know it yet. Sometimes plants, trees and grass sneak in to spring too, and their pollen can be released in the air in small amounts, as it grows and the air warms up. Take the medicine in a proactive manner, before you are suffering during the days when large amounts are released in the air.

Seal up the house.

 This might be the exact opposite of what you want to do on a sunny, warm spring day, but keeping your windows shut is a smart idea. Keeping the windows closed, especially at dusk and dawn, when the pollen count for all trees and grasses it at the highest will help keep you from becoming a stuffed up mess during the nighttime hours. By keeping your windows shut during the day, you keep all of the allergens from blowing in to your house, getting caught up when the windows are shut and aggravating you even further.

Drink water.

By doing all of the above, you can lessen your spring allergy suffering, but probably not get rid of it entirely. When you do have the snuffles, the sneezes or anything else and you are taking medicine, remember to drink lots of fluids. The allergy medicine usually contains an anti-histamine, which dries your system out. Drinking up lots of water and clear liquids will help to keep your body functioning – despite the allergies.

If all else fails with your allergy fight this spring, consult your doctor. There might be a prescription or different type of medicine to try to relieve your symptoms – until the hot summer sun comes out and chases the spring fever away.

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