Easy Wart Removal Tips

wart removalSummer time is fast approaching (thank goodness!) and that means a few things need to be put on your to-do list. First, remember to get your feet flip flop ready. Then,¬†you need to check your other exposed skin areas for – gasp – warts! And no, you can’t get them from touching a toad!

Those bothersome spots can be on your feet, your hands, your fingers – just about anywhere. Some warts are just raised skin, without any discoloration while others are brownish and raised looking. But never fear, there are ways to eliminate them so your skin is blemish free for a beautiful you this summer.

Common warts are usually painless and very small. They are usually the raised skin version without any color. Common warts can be on the hands, the feet, the legs, the arms or even the face.

Plantar’s warts are typically on the feet and can be very painful if they are on your heel or soles. They can grow deep quickly and will then require a doctor’s assistance for removal.

These tips are for common warts and plantar’s warts. Never try any type of treatment in the genital area without a doctor’s consent.

Tips to Remove Warts

Over the store medication. Small common and even plantar’s warts can usually be removed with a kit purchased from a drug store. This kit will contain a special medicine that gets put over the wart. It is usually a cream or brushed on with a dispenser. then, a band aid covers the wart for 12 – 24 hours, depending on the type of treatment you purchase. The band aid is then removed (typically after the shower the next day) and the process is started again.

Normally, this process can be repeated daily or every few days for up to three weeks. Check your specific package for instructions.

The next option is to visit your doctor. Plantar’s warts can sometimes grow deep, usually in the bottom of your foot, and don’t respond to medicine. Your doctor has a few options to try and they involve freezing and cutting.

Your doctor may opt to freeze the localized area near the wart with nitrogen or an agent and then cut it off of your foot. Since the area is frozen, there isn’t much pain in the process. The area will need to be kept clean and bandaged while it heals.

The next process is called freezing. The doctor has a special nitrogen tank that has a special nozzle on it with a small opening. They will put this opening directly over the wart and hold it on for a few seconds. This process will be repeated three times on each wart. The foot won’t feel any pain and you can resume normal activity right away. It may take up to one month for a wart to fall off.

Good luck with removing your warts – no matter which method you try!

(There are a lot of crazy tips and old wives’ tales old on how to remove warts. Now, use caution if you try an herbal concoction to remove a wart. However, we don’t recommend many other methods to remove warts besides something you can use over the counter from a store or by a visit to your doctor.)

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