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Today is 4-20 and ever since I can remember some people have always considered this day to be a “worship” to marijuana.  They get their leaf necklaces out, wear green, and buy 6 lighters.  It’s almost like St. Patrick’s Day but the beer is substituted with some cannabis.












Now, in some states and countries marijuana is legal as long as you have a medical marijuana license.  This substance is not just used for recreational purposes.  Marijuana can be dispensed for medicinal purposes if it fits for the cure of the illness. Anxiety is a common illness that can be helped or cured with the use of different types of cannabis.  Cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis are just three of the many different types that are out there.













Paranoia is a side effect of smoking marijuana.  People can become panicked and start to pace back and forth.  There can be severe cases of paranoia while using this drug.  Even though it is “man-made” and comes from the ground doesn’t mean that it isn’t harmful.  Even though you can use marijuana for anxiety, it can also cause it.  Constantly becoming paranoid will only trigger your nerves.  You don’t want to make yourself have any type of panic attack so you might want to steer clear of the cannabis.




Some people become extremely lazy and unmotivated when they abuse this drug.  Sitting on the couch all day watching T.V. and laughing would be a wonderful daytime job.  Too bad it doesn’t get you anywhere unless you have money like Kim Kardashian.  Sure, you think differently when high but usually after all of these thoughts come across you are too lazy to do them.  Don’t become a couch potato!  Ditch the marijuana, move off the couch, and get motivated!


One Response to “Information About Marijuana”
  1. Stephanie Taylor says:

    WOW!! Great article for today. I loved the picture of the couch potatoe! And it is very true, smoking bud does help with anxiety.

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