Book Review: The Dukan Diet Book

Since the whole world seems to be stuck on what Kate Middleton is doing, wearing, watching and seeing this week, we’ll follow along too. Kate hasn’t been seen in public last week, but when she was, she looked noticeably thinner than she had in previous outings. Rumor has it, Kate – along with some of her female family members – are following a book called The Dukan Diet.

Now, there is no confirmation that she is, this is just rumors from “friends” who have reported to the media about Kate’s doings – for a price, I’m sure. But this is what is known about the book, called The Dukan Diet, that soared up the New York Times Bestsellers List recently.

The Dukan diet was created by a French doctor by the name of Pierre Dukan. He supposedly took a method that has kept French women slim for years and just put it in book form. This is what the premise of the diet is:

– Determine your weight loss needs and set a goal.

– Four Phases which include the Attack phase, Cruise phase, Consolidation phase and Stabilization phase.

– In the Attack phase, only lean protein is consumed and a special bran pancake for the first week.

– After the first 7 days, you enter the Cruise phase, which is alternated days of eating lean protein and vegetables. The days are varied with what to eat on what day. A person stays on this phase until their weight loss goal is achieved.

– Once the weight goal is achieved, vegetables and other healthy foods are introduced back in in the Consolidation phase. A person stays in this phase for 5 days PER pound they lost. So, if you lost twenty pounds, you would need to stay in this phase for 100 days.

– During the Consolidation phase, there are two meals allowed which break all the rules each week.

– Once a person meets their day requirements, they move to the Stabilization phase where they still eat unlimited protein and vegetables all the time. Once day is set aside each week for only lean protein.

“Experts” of the diet plan say that as long as you stick to the lean protein rule, weight will not be gained again. However, critics of the diet don’t believe it is healthy because fruit and carbs are not allowed, except for on the two ‘free dinners’ per week that can break the rules.

Are you a fan of fad diets?

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