Lady Gaga: The ‘Oh My God’ Moment

My phone rings and for once in my life I answer it.  My co-worker, without saying ‘Hi,’ asks me, “Did you get that email?!’  He didn’t ask me in a normal way, though.  He asked me in a frantic, you’re going to pass out and pee yourself, sort of way.  Within  a half of a second I thought I was fired.  I started to panic.  How am I going to pay rent?  What about my soy-milk ice cream bars?  How am I supposed to get a moving truck to even move?  No more organic foods!  What the heck?!  Why’d I even get fired in the first place?  Goodbye Los Angeles! I must have deleted the entire website since I’m fired!

Yep, that’s me.  One big ball of nervousness.  After I slapped myself and snapped out of it, I threw my shaking body down on the ground in front of my computer and checked my email.

Email subject: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga?  What does she have anything to do with me getting fired? 

Email reads: “Hey Kendra- Good news. You are going to be going to Lady Gaga in DC to represent!! If you want to, of course! All expenses paid, hotel, etc. I’ll tell you more. Feb. 24.”

I started screaming.  One: I thought I just got punk’d.  Two: I JUST FOUND OUT I WAS GOING TO SEE LADY GAGA!  Three:  soy-milk ice cream bars.

As I started to cry I realized that I was still on the phone.  Not that it mattered because he was too busy crying, too!  I said, “Well, what!?! What does this email mean?!”  The email said, ‘If you want to, of course!’  Are you serious?  Santa Clause is so sick of getting my letters about Lady Gaga he keeps writing return to sender on the envelopes without even opening them.  I was jumping around way too much to be able to keep the phone in my hand so I had to call my co-worker back.  I immediately started rolling on the floor and crawled towards my computer to respond.  As you might have already guessed, I replied the word yes.  I wrote a paragraph that I believed turned out to be in gibberish but I think my boss got the point.

Not being able to move away from my computer, I sat and thought of all the possibilities.  What if Lady Gaga saw me in the crowd and said, “You.  Yes, you, my little monster.  Come sing a song with me.”  Maybe I will work my way backstage and they will just let me put on one of her outfits.  Well, actually, my arm wouldn’t even fit in the leg holes of her underwear, but maybe I can wear her wigs.   All right already.  Enough dreaming.  Another email!  I opened the next email that was from Daisy.  Daisy from Rock of Love? She’s going to be there too?!  She’s talking to me right now!?  (No you idiot.  Keep reading.)  It was Daisy from Mekanism. She introduced herself and informed me that Mekanism and Virgin Mobile are inviting us to a blogging summit.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This was madness.  I am 23 years old, just graduated, and going on a business trip that is completely paid for.  Five-star hotel, LADY GAGA, gourmet dinner, and everything else that could be labeled as fabulous.  This dream of mine to see the monster of all monsters was finally coming true.

Now, I had to figure out what paws to pack…


4 Responses to “Lady Gaga: The ‘Oh My God’ Moment”
  1. Jeanie & Sid says:

    Your living the dream, Kenny!!!! What a great writer! Love reading your posts! Got talent girl! Can’t wait to read the rest!!!! Love it!

  2. AJ says:

    LOL KENDRA this is a GREAT article. I didn’t know you were so funny! You definetly got some talent there. YOU GO GIRL!!! you deserve all the best things in life!. Can’t wait to read the rest of this so entertaining!

  3. Krysten says:

    Gaaaaa! What a GREAT piece! I was SO into the story and you left me hanging. What does that mean? Good writing!

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