Is Your Hair Damaged?

You are probably thinking, “How in the world does Holly Madison keep her blonde so… blonde?!”  Usually by the time that it reaches that color there is so much damage to the hair that it is uncontrollable.  Sometimes, it even becomes a pain to even try brushing through it.  If you want healthy hair then you must treat it correctly!  One of the best ways to do this is with Keratin.  Keratin hair treatments are all the rage in salons because it makes your hair (of any color) stay silky-smooth.  These types of products work for every kind of hair: thick, thin, wavy, curly, straight, etc.  Treatments are often called Keratin Straightening Treatments.  This does not mean that it permanently straightens your hair.  What it does is transforms your hair from dry with split-ends to healthy with shine.  If you were born with natural curl and want to keep it, it will still be there after the treatment is over.


2 Responses to “Is Your Hair Damaged?”
  1. Amalie Paris says:

    I’ve gotten a Keratin Straightening Treatment, and while I LOVE it (and it’s lasted for months), it did straighten my naturally wavy/curly hair and the wave is only now starting to come back. My hair is healthier than it’s been since I was young, so it is a trade-off.

    • KendraLee says:

      I am glad to hear your response and I was not aware of the effects lasting as long as they do. The products that include Keratin will help keep your hair healthy every day.

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