Got Lipstick On Your Teeth?

How many times have you looked in the mirror after talking to a handsome gentleman and you see a little red on your pearly whites?  Nothing says ‘call me’ like some unattractive color in your smile.  That will get him to text his thumbs off, right?  There is actually a diagnosis of this common issue of having lipstick on your teeth.  It is called xerostomia.  To break it down, that word basically means lack of saliva.  This is what causes the lipstick to latch excess particles onto your teeth.  There are ways to cure it though so don’t be afraid.  Drinking fluids without sugar is the number one way to treat this.  Try hydrating with just water for a week and you will be able to see the difference.  Also, chewing gum and using mints.  Of course these must be sugarless just like the fluids.  Now my mom won’t have to ask everybody “Do I have lipstick on my teeth?”  Take a chance to get rid of xerostomia by yourself.  If it doesn’t start to get better then you should go see your doctor or dentist.  Never be scared to smile again and give a cheers to McSteamy!


2 Responses to “Got Lipstick On Your Teeth?”
  1. Sidney says:

    Great article Kendra! This happens to me all the time but I will not go a day without my lipstick. True friends will always warn you that you have lipsick on your teeth.


  2. Jeanie says:

    Sid is totaly right! A ‘real’ friend will tell you when the red is on your whites…. :.)

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