Get These Fabulous Date Night Looks

How many times have you stood in front of your closet, in nothing more than your underwear, wishing you had time to go shopping? Countless times probably, if you are a normal girl who is headed for a night out. Now, it doesn’t matter if this is a date with your husband or a first date with a guy you really like. A girl always wishes she had something better to wear!

Here are some some tips on pulling out a great outfit from your closet (or the store if you DO have time):

Spring is around the corner, so this could mean a warm start to the date and a chilly end. Layers are great, so start out with a tank top and have a wrap sweater to go over the top. That way, if you are dancing or going to be indoors and get warm, simply remove the outer layer.

Wear a short sleeved sweater over jeans and emphasize your curves with a belt. You can have the long sweater to keep you warm if need be, but the sleeves will keep you from overheating if it is warmer out. The belt just looks hot, so wear a color that coordinates with your shoes or even the sweater.

Capri’s might be a little too cool in some areas of the US right now, but in the south and west you can probably bring them out (if you ever put them away!). Layer over your Capri’s several colorful tank tops. Long, colorful beads are coming back in to style, so find several strands and wrap them around your neck to accessorize nicely. The colors can coordinate or emphasize what you like – it doesn’t really matter!

If you follow the old time fashion rules, you still shouldn’t wear white shoes! It isn’t Memorial Day…but if you are a fun person and chuck the rules, pair up white sandals or heels with anything colorful to make it look like you are enjoying a spring day, no matter where you live. No matter what you choose to wear, choose to be confident and have a great time!

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