3 Reasons The Drive-Thru Is Acceptable, Not Lazy












Do you ever wonder what people think about you when you are one of the many people in the drive-thru line?  The line you are sitting in is 10 cars deep but the line inside only has 2 people in it.  Does this make you look lazy?  There are a few reasons that make going through the drive-thru “acceptable” and should not be looked upon as laziness.

Reason One: It’s raining.












No body wants to get out of their car just to get back in and be soaking wet.  It would only take 5 minutes vs. 20 minutes to get that large fry or cup of coffee, but you refuse to get wet.  Even if you open up your umbrella to hide your hair from the rain, you’re going to end up with locks like Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.  The bottom of your jeans get the tiniest bit of water on them and then it rises through the cloth until you are damp up to your knees.  You are not a plant.  You don’t need watered.  Staying in the 10 car pile up is completely necessary on these ugly days.


Reason Two: You are just a hot mess.

















There was no body in the world that could get you to look presentable today.  It’s easy to hide your sloppy egged-up pajamas behind that car door.  Make-up?  Don’t need any when you have your glasses on.  You are lucky you walked 5 feet out of your house just to get into the car.  Even the rat in the garage started running.  Those hairy legs of yours go great with the only pair of shorts you have clean.  You might actually hurt the razor instead of the razor hurting you.  It would be better for you to not be seen by the public so the drive-thru line is where you should stay.  Plus, you can’t show the hot boy behind the counter what you really look like yet.  It’s top secret.


Reason 3: Your favorite song is on.












You better bet your bottom dollar I am staying in the car if  ‘The Thong Song’ by Sisqo is on.  Sometimes you have those good-luck days where you finally find the CD you have been looking for right on the floor of your car.  Pop that sucker in and you’ve got ‘Bye Bye Bye’ playing on volume 40.  Why would you pass up an opportunity to bring back that those dance moves from ’99?  Dancing in the car is like a whole different art-form.  You have to make sure to keep all of your moves contained in that space of the driver’s seat.  This is very difficult to do and you will need to practice.  If you’ve got it, you best be flaunting it, though!  You can’t just belt out those high notes like Mariah Carey out on the streets.  Besides, you wouldn’t really sound like her if you sang anywhere else.  Keep jammin’ while you order your strawberry sundae.  The workers on the inside love loud music!


5 Responses to “3 Reasons The Drive-Thru Is Acceptable, Not Lazy”
  1. Stephanie Taylor says:

    THIS IS SOOO TRUE !!! I completely agree with all the reasons id rather go threw the drive thru, than go inside. I am content in my little box known as a car.

    • KendraLee says:

      I know that sometimes I might look lazy but I am telling you these are three legit reasons that make it O.K. – Do you ever sit in the car for other reasons?

  2. Jeanie says:

    Yes, yes, yes…these have all been reasons for me as well! Plus, now being a mommy of a 18 mth. old…sometimes it’s just easier to let her stay in the car seat, and avoid the battle of waiting in a line inside with a little one that wants ‘down’, ‘down’, ‘DOWN!’ lol.

  3. Lauren says:

    This is SO true! I definately stayed in the car many times for these 3 reasons. I literally LOL’ed several times while reading this.

    • KendraLee says:

      Lauren – I thought of you when I was writing about the rain. You’re the only person I know who would choose to get bit by a poisonous scorpion than let her hair get frizzy.

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