3 Solutions To Careless Money Losing

There are certain things in life that you constantly lose all of the time. Hair-ties, lighters, and money. How does a girl go through over 300 hair-ties a year without knowing where they went? Personally, I think that they just vanish after a period of time. When you go to light a candle, none of the 10 lighters you just bought are to be found. How does this happen? Lighters grow legs and walk off. They always get heated over the smallest things and leave. Now money on the other hand is something that we can prevent from being lost.

1) Organize Your Daily Money Supply
Make sure you have a designated place for the amount of coins and bills that you use on a daily basis.  Also, do not carry more than 2 debit/credit cards with you.  It is not necessary to bring your entire bank account to the restaurant you are going to.  If you are not the type that likes to carry a 17-pocket wallet, then don’t. Buy a small wristlet and carry that with you.  Most of the time we are all on the run and in a rush so throwing our money in whatever purse-opening we can find becomes a bad habit.  Start taking an extra 30 seconds to stop and put the change you get from the cashier back into that wristlet or wallet you got it from.  When you are unorganized with your money you are actually slowing yourself down by having to look and stress over where you last saw that ten dollar bill.

2)  Pick Your Own Pockets
Who loses their money when they wash clothes?  I know I do!  You could save over $60 a year if you simply pick your own pockets.  This is another reason why you should organize your money.  After you get home from a day at work or a day out, go through every pocket that was on your clothing that day.  Even if you find a quarter, that is another coin you can contribute to Sunday’s laundry.  Maybe check your pockets before your day is even over.  You could walk around with twenty dollars in your pocket all day and it might never fall out.  Unfortunately, some of us are not always that lucky.  Check your change throughout the day in order to save money instead of accidentally throwing it out on the street.

3) Write Down Where You Stashed It
How many times do you find yourself with birthday money in one hand while you are gabbin’ away to your best friend on the phone?  Since you are deep in conversation about who held hands with who,  you are not fully aware of where you are actually putting your money.  In your head you are thinking, “This is a great place to stash it!”  When the time comes to go buy those Steve Madden’s, you have no clue where that pile of green went.  Place the loot in a special spot right after you receive it then write it down in a notebook.  The notebook should be dedicated to monetary funds.  You will open the book up and find yourself fully relieved about that $750 you thought you dropped on the way into the grocery store.  Your parents will also be relieved since it was your Christmas gift from them!


2 Responses to “3 Solutions To Careless Money Losing”
  1. sidney says:

    i agree with you! in the past few months i have been putting my change in a small bag in my purse. paper money i put in wallet with one credit card. my cell phone goes in a pocket in my purse and car keys have a place of their own too! doing this has made my time at checkouts much faster not having to fumble around looking for everything! it makes the customers behind me much happier too, not having to roll their eyes,thinking when is she ever going to be done!!!! great article, Kendra!

    • KendraLee says:

      Thanks Mom! I am glad that you have been trying to stay organized with the belongings in your purse. I think we all know how messy your bags can get! haha

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