What Does it Mean When You Wear the Color Green?

Aside from being a bad rhyme, let’s really look in to that statement for a minute. Are you a member of the green colored clothes gang? Is there a subconscious thought in your mind when you pick out the color green? Do you wear it over and over (the color, not the shirt I hope!) without even realizing it? Let’s investigate what it might mean if you wear the color green.

The first and most obvious answer someone would give you about wearing the color green is that it is St. Patrick’s Day. Of course you are supposed to wear green on that holiday, or else you’ll get pinched. Who came up with either silly notion?

Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day probably started as a way to celebrate the holiday when there really wasn’t any way to celebrate it. It wasn’t until recent years that St. Patrick’s Day became a drinking holiday and a day to stuff yourself with green beer.  St. Patrick was Irish, and Ireland represents emeralds and all things green…so green clothing is a logical choice.

As far as the pinching goes, it was probably a grouchy relative that started the tradition and it was just passed on by person to person because they liked to pinch each other. They are probably also the same relative who decided birthday spankings were a good idea!

If you like to look for a deeper meaning, you can consult crystals or gemstones in your influences. Their color green represents fertility and nature. Are you looking to get pregnant and you grabbed a green shirt? Good luck. Did you pick out a green T-shirt and realize you needed to cut your grass? Coincidence. Green is also said to represent balance and harmony.

It might mean by wearing the color green that you…like it! Simply wearing a shirt or coat or pants or shoes of green might not have any deeper meaning besides the fact that you like it. It could be a pretty shade of the color, it could be your school’s color. Whatever the reason, green is a great choice to wear for light complexions and dark complexions. Green doesn’t have any pickiness when it comes to who looks good in it. Pull out your favorite green clothes – whether it is St. Patrick’s Day or not – and wear them with pride.

Photo courtesy of College Fashion.

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