Seven Ways to Wear Your Belt

Are you always stumped as to how you can look more like the models or actresses you see on TV? There is an easy way to get your outfits more on to the same page as those starlets and it is easy and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The answer – a belt!

1. Wear a skinny belt to emphasize your waist in a dress.The skinny belt can be fancy with gems or rhinestones on it that match the dress.

2. Wear a thick belt and drape it to emphasize the dress. This belt can be suede, leather or any other material that coordinates with your dress.

3. Wear a long sweater or shirt over leggings. A thick belt can rest at your hips for a stylish flair.

4. Wear a regular belt with your jeans. Tuck your shirt or sweater in to emphasize your waistline.Don’t cinch the belt too tightly or it can have the reverse effect if you aren’t careful.

5. A belt can separate your sweater from your skirt. It can be a belt that goes around multiple times or just once. The separation of colors or fabrics will draw the person’s eye over your entire outfit instead of just one place.

6. Wear a long sweater over jeans or leggings and have a skinny belt sit around your waist. This looks similar to a dress with a skinny belt,  but you have different bottoms on. A belt over a sweater with jeans is more of a dressy casual look for play or evenings out.

7. Wearing a wide belt with low slung jeans. The belt does not go in the belt lopps on the jeans, but simply rests across the waist where a belt would go. You can still show off your tummy with a small shirt or you can tuck the shirt in if you like.

The fashion style is completely up to you. A belt can be a great accessory no matter what color you are wearing. It also works well for casual, playful, business and dressy nights out. there isn’t a wrong answer for belts!

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