Gorgeous Guy: Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels is our hot guy of the week. Bret gets to be the hot guy not only for his yummy looks, but because of his longevity in the music and TV business. Luckily, Bret is still here on Earth after a series of medical issues threatened his life last spring. The most serious find was a hole in his heart and it was operated on during the last week of January. The issues with his health began when he fell ill several times during taping of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice last year.

Bret went on to win that show, even though he was terribly sick. Bret didn’t even know if he was going to make the finale to see if he could win he was so sick. He had an emergency appendectomy and was starting to recover when he suddenly fell ill again with serious headaches. After testing, the doctors discovered it was a massive hemorrhage that could have taken his life. He was in serious condition for days, and recovered from the brain hemorrhage only to have another situation a month later. Bret was having numbness on one side of his body, which was later discovered to be the result of improper blood pumping in his heart because of a hole. The doctors found the hole in his heart before it could cause more health problems.

Bret underwent the procedure to sew up the hole last Monday and by Wednesday he was already released from the hospital! His doctors say he still needs to rest for a few weeks and take it easy, but within a month or two he will be allowed to resume his normal activities. How’s that for a quick heart fix!

Bret has been engaged to Kristi Gibson, the mother of his two children for a few months. They have been together on and off for close to sixteen years. Bret has a new album out in January of 2011 called Once a Cowboy, Always a Cowboy.

Photo courtesy of Fox News

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