Does “Nair” Really Remove Hair?

OK, so the hair on your legs might not be as extreme as it is in the picture! There are days, however, that those hair follicles do feel like cactus spikes coming out of your legs. Someone might have suggested using Nair to remove the hair on your legs (or even other places if you get the special kind) so that it grows back slower and softer in the future. But does Nair really remove the hair?

The short answer is, sometimes. There are a few conditions that need to be met in order for Nair to have the optimal hair removal results. If the conditions aren’t prime, the hair removal may be sporadic or spotty on your leg, underarm or even the bikini area.

– The hair must be a certain length for the Nair to attach to it. The chemicals in Nair need to coat the hair completely. Nair works via a chemical reaction through the hair strand and if the hair is not long enough, it won’t receive the chemical, therefore it will stay planted.

– The Nair must remain on for the prescribed amount of time. If you don’t have enough time to stand around, doing nothing while waiting for the Nair to work, it won’t. If you rub it off too soon, before the chemical has worked all the way in to the follicle in the skin, it won’t remove the hair. You might be eft with patches of hairy leg…or worse.

– If you have sensitive skin, the Nair might burn the skin as well. Have you ever removed all of the Nair, only to feel your skin has turned red, raw or burning? Nair might not be the answer for you.

– Coarse hair might not respond. No matter how long you let the Nair sit, if you have really coarse hair, it might not penetrate the strand, therefore it cannot remove the hair. And you don’t want the Nair to sit on too long, because it will burn the skin.

As with any product, take a test strip practice to see how your skin reacts. If your skin turns red and burns, you probably don’t want the Nair covering more or sensitive areas of your body.


One Response to “Does “Nair” Really Remove Hair?”
  1. lauren says:

    Nair never works on my man hair:(

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