Death By Chocolate

It is healthy every so often to let yourself indulge in a bit of dessert. And really, this dessert isn’t terrible as it can be made a bit healthier for you and your family to eat. So enjoy this dessert that is full of chocolate pudding, brownies and whipped topping on a warm summer day for a refreshing and light treat.


1 packaged brownie mix, made according to box instructions.

2 small boxes of instant chocolate pudding, made to box instructions

24 oz, Cool Whip

6 large Heath bars, smashed up in to small pieces and crumbs

Bake and cool the brownies. OPTIONAL – For use when only adults will be eating the dessert. Bake the brownies the night before you need the dessert. Pour Kahlua by a drizzle up and down in the pan. Cover and let soak overnight.

In the morning or when they are completely cool, cut in to small squares.

Mix up the pudding according to the package instruction and let it start to get firm.

In a punch bowl or large glass bowl, place a layer of brownies on the bottom. Scoop pudding over the top, so it is about an inch deep over the brownies. Sprinkle half of the candy bar pieces over the pudding. Layer with one inch of Cool Whip.

Repeat the layers. Garnish with sprinkles of candy bar pieces.

To make the dessert lower in calories, use skim milk when mixing up the pudding. Fat and sugar free pudding can also be used as the taste isn’t much different. Low and non-fat Cool Whip can be used in layering as well, to reduce the calories within the dessert.

Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve. The dessert can be doubled or tripled, just make sure you have a large enough bowl to hold the entire dessert. The dessert can store for one day, but starts to run together and not look very nice after one or two days.

Butterscotch, vanilla and pistachio pudding can be used instead of chocolate. Angel food cake or pound cake pieces can be used instead of brownies as well.


2 Responses to “Death By Chocolate”
  1. Hope says:

    This looks like a great recipe. I can’t wait to try it! I love to make desserts in my trifle bowl. I like that the recipe includes options such as low fat and lower sugar.

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