A Look to Fit Your Curves

Who wouldn’t love to have the perfect hourglass figure of Sofia Vergara? Or the long and lithe silhouette of Angelina Jolie. In reality, there aren’t too many women who have that perfect figure where they can wear any kind of clothes and look awesome. It just looks that way on TV!

The average woman is sporting a few extra pounds either in the hips, abs or butt area. It’s a fact of life, especially after you’ve had one or two (or more!) children. And then gravity just isn’t so nice either in your third, fourth or higher decade of life. But there are ways to flatter any type of figure, whether you have the apple, banana, pear or hourglass shape.

Banana figure look excellent in dresses with belts at the waist, to emphasize their slim waist. A skirt or dress or even straight leg pants will emphasize the slim lines of the figure as well.

A V-neck bodice on a sweater, blouse, T-shirt or dress will make the bust look smaller on any body style. The eye is drawn from the V to the face, distracting from any neckline (as long as it isn’t plunging.)

A Line skirts and pants with a slight flair at the leg are great ways to minimize hippage in a pear shaped body. A belt can also be added around the waist to make the effect even more dramatic.

An apple silhouette looks great in a high waisted dress, blouse or top. The high waist can lead in to a flowy section that does not emphasize the mid-section, which is usually a problem for apples.  A suit jacket that hangs to the hip or a little longer will also help hide a troubled ab area.

No matter what style of clothing you buy, make sure it is the correct fit. No matter how small your waist is or how long your legs are, you can detract from the beauty of an area with ill-fitting clothes. Buy clothes that don’t show panty lines, camel toes, back flab over the bra straps and you will be half way to looking good. Don’t make a clothing purchase unless it makes you feel good…no matter what anybody says.

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