5 Crafts to Do When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

1. Toilet Paper Bird Feeders

This quick and easy craft is not only fun, but beneficial to the feathered friends who have to stay out in the cold. Simply take a toilet paper tube or cut a paper towel tube in half. Take a pipe cleaner or a piece of string and loop through the tube. Tie or twist on the top to make a hanger.

Coat the entire outside of the tube in peanut butter. Dip in sunflowers or a birdfeed mix until coated. Hang outside and watch the birds enjoy.

2. Sock Puppets

Who doesn’t have a few stray socks sitting around the house? Use the socks and make different characters so your kids can have a puppet play. Use buttons, paper, sequins of other circular object and sew or glue on for eyes. Add a nose or whiskers to give the sock more personality. Let your kids go wild creating different colored puppets.

3. Rice Snowmen

This project is easy, but has a few steps. Using a small, old white sock, turn it inside out. Fill the bottom half with DRY white rice granules. Using a rubberband, tie the sock up tightly so the rice does not escape. Use stuffing, a piece of another sock or cotton balls and stuff in the top part of the sock to make the snowman’s head. Use another rubberband to tie the top shut.

Take a piece of wire and stick through the body of the snowman to look like arms coming out each side. Twist if desired.

Cut 4 mitten shapes out of felt and glue on the wire for hands. Glue one piece on each side of the wire.

Cut an orange carrot nose out of felt and glue it on the face. You can also use marker or glue black beads on for the eyes and mouth of your snowman.

Use felt and make a coordinating hat for the snowman’s head.

4. Greeting Cards

Get out some paper, markers and whatever supplies you might have on hand for the kids to make some greeting cards. They can be birthday, thank you, get well or for any holiday coming up. They can be just crayon colored or they can be elaborate with sequins, feathers, stickers or stamps on the front. Stock pile cards so you can grab one when a holiday sneaks up on you in the future!

5. Spinning Top

This great toy uses recycled materials from your house. Take a marble and glue in the center of and old CD. Glue a milk bottle cap on one side of the center, placing over the marble. Let dry and then take for a spin! The marble is what the CD spins on and the cap is the handle to twist.

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