2010’s Top 10 Women

There were a lot of names that were tossed about for who should make the top ten list of 2010. There were notable strides taken in sports, entertainment, business…you name it, women are doing it and exceeding. So, without further delay, here the women we think were supreme in 2010 are, in no specific order:

1. Betty White. How many women can do what she does at 89 years old? Seriously. She looks great, she is funny – SNL? – and she is super nice. the epitome of what a little old lady should be.

2. Elizabeth Edwards. Unfortunately, Elizabeth lost her battle with breast cancer in 2010. But she showed us all what strength she had, through not only the disease but with marriage turmoil. Elizabeth put another face to the cancer that everyone wants to beat.

3. Angelina Jolie. She works and she has 6 children. She proves that Supermom does exist – even though she can afford a gaggle of nannies and most of us can’t. She is pictured out with her children often and is a very hands on mom.

4. Sarah Palin. You can love her or you can hate her, but you must admit she has brought an awareness to Alaska. Alaska has become an “it” word when describing anything from politics to TV now.

5. Lady Gaga. Who would even think about wearing a meat dress to an awards show? Gaga had an awesome breakout year with awards, concerts and even media attention for her daring outfits and fashion sense.

6. Michelle Duggar. Here’s another love her or hate her person. Even though many people disagree with Michelle’s views on children (they are a blessing from God and she will have as many as he gives her and husband Jim Bob. They currently have 19.) you can’t argue with her approach to raising them. All of the kids are happy, independent, well adjusted and smart.

7. Serena Williams. Tennis champion. Again.

8. Stephanie Meyer. Don’t recognize the name? How about if I say author of Twilight? Enough said.

9. Heidi Klum. Another supermom and supermodel in the same combination. Heidi had her fourth child and went back to work on her TV show and in her other business dealings. She is also a hands on mom.

10. Miranda Lambert. Miranda came in to Nashville with her curvy figure and her attitude and great country songs. She walked away with a ton of awards from the Academy of Country Music, the Country Music Association and then to top it off, she got engaged to hottie country singer, Blake Shelton.


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  1. fitra says:

    yes i agree,they is great women!

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