Where Are All Of My Single Ladies At?

Us girls who are always single seem to end up in the same three places: being the third wheel, being the watcher, and being the one who sits at home eating ice cream in her bed.  Sure, we’ve had boyfriends before, but at the moment all men seem to be taking a break from relationships.  So, we’re just stuck being the odd ones out.  The loners.  The one-woman show.  Is there a way out of this mess without having to be with a guy?  Can we be independent but still make those three positions work out for us?  Of course we can!  Read and learn ladies.

The Third Wheel can become The Middleman.  Maybe you don’t want to be the mediator of your best friend’s fight with their boyfriend, but it doesn’t hurt to help.  You can become that one person that they come to for advice.  You might be surprised at how good you actually are at helping relationships out even if you don’t have one for yourself.  This will also help you if you are the “watcher.”

The Watcher can soon enough become The Learner.  It is almost like you are back in school and somewhat paying attention to your teacher.  Take what goes wrong and what goes right in other peoples’ relationships and apply it to your own later.  It might sound a little crazy but you should write things down.  Ask yourself questions about how other people function with their significant other and see how you would react in certain situations.  Maybe you wouldn’t handle things the way they did so you can figure out what you might have done differently and learn from them.  If you don’t have any advice to give them then you can always stay out of it but be aware of what is going on.
The One Eating Ice Cream will become The Socialite.  You might always be the one who isn’t holding hands with someone else but that gives you room to make more friends.  With another person always at your side it becomes difficult to talk to new people and sometimes even your friends that you already have.  Get out there, go to dinner as the third person and make people want to be around your sparkling personality.  Be the outgoing person that you are.  You won’t have to worry about saying something that your boyfriend might not like because you don’t have one!  Make yourself known as the life of the party.  There is no party unless you’re there so get up and get going!

Living the single life isn’t all that bad if you look for different ways to approach it.  Think about all of the things that you have wanted to do.  Whether it’s organize your socks according to the different holidays or fly to Vegas.  No one is stopping you and you have all of the time in the world to focus on more important things.  Build your career without stressing about having enough time to see your man.  If they don’t feel like dating, then neither do you.  Live your life without trying to live the way someone else wants you to.  Do you, girl!


2 Responses to “Where Are All Of My Single Ladies At?”
  1. Lauren says:

    Very well written! Also, very true 🙂 Loved reading this!

  2. Sidney says:

    Great article!! There is someone for everyone! Love Mom!

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