Stuffed Pepper Soup

Make a quick dinner by using this simple recipe for stuffed pepper soup.

You need:

ground meat
5 red peppers
5 green peppers
3 cups of rice
garlic salt
4 jars of tomato sauce of your choice

Directions to follow:
Get out a big pot and put it on medium heat.  Empty the jars of tomato sauce in the big pot and let it heat up.  Put your 3 cups of rice in boiling water and let that cook.  While those steps happen, cut up all of your peppers into little squares.  When they are all cut, put them in the pot of sauce.  Check your rice.  If it is done then drain it and put it into the sauce, too.  Next you will need to brown your ground meat.  This won’t take long if you use a big skillet and fry it on medium heat.  Once the meat is ready then you can put that into the sauce along with the rest of your ingredients.  Add 2 tablespoons of garlic salt and 2 cups of water.  Leave on the stove on low heat until it is warm enough to eat.  Quick and easy!


One Response to “Stuffed Pepper Soup”
  1. Sidney says:

    hey girl, I have made this for you everytime you have come home! all of us love it. So glad you are into cooking now ….

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