Phone Sign #1 That He’s Not Really Into You

There are so many mixed signals out there it is hard to keep track of what is really being implied by a guy.  If he doesn’t text you back right away then you automatically think that he just doesn’t want to talk.  That is not always the case.  Think of how many times you have been busy and forgot to text a friend.  That is what you are to him right now, seeing as how you just met.  Don’t be nervous if he misses your first call or text one day.  If you know he is working hard and you both live busy lives, things like texting sometimes slip your mind.  The number one sign to tell if he really isn’t into you in this case is if he doesn’t get back to you at all.  If you think that maybe he didn’t see you calling or his eyes accidentally grazed over your texts for 5 days, you are mistaken.  Usually, not all the time, but usually, when a guy doesn’t get back to you within a week then you should probably let it go.  It’s no fair that he gave you his number or asked for yours and then didn’t even use it.  It happens though.  Just remember that they can be busy but definitely not for more than 5 days.  Unless he went on a random trip to some other country to help make world peace, then you have got yourself a winner!

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