Marilyn Monroe

It’s Marilyn Monroe Monday!! This woman was one of the greatest girls of all time.  She set the standard for fabulous and continues to be a Hollywood icon even after her death.  She wasn’t afraid to be who she was and that’s how all women should be.  Show some skin, take a risk, and never shy away from the life you want to live. Find out more about Marilyn and her role-model status by clicking on the first picture.

Norma Jeane Mortenson was Marilyn’s real name.  Norma Jeane was born on June 1, 1926 and was in different foster homes since her mom had psychological issues and had to be taken to live in a home.  After the orphanages, she lived with a family friend (couple) for a while until they had to move to the East Coast and weren’t able to take her with them.  Norma Jeane then had to pack up her things and go back to the orphanage or get married.  She made the decision to get married to her neighbor and current boyfriend at the time, Jimmy Dougherty.  They were happily married at the age of 16 until he joined the Merchant Marines.  They then split.  For more information on Marilyn’s love life, click the first picture.

Marilyn was flawless on the screen and in the bright lights, but just like every one else in the world, she also had her problems.  An alleged affair with JFK, drugs, alcohol, no money.  She went through it all but still seemed to shine until it all caught up with her.  Unfortunately, Marilyn took her own life and was found dead on her mattress on her floor.  She will never be forgotten and the one thing we all have to remember is to forgive ourselves and others for mistakes that have been made.  To get more scoop on Marilyn, click the first picture.

This day has been dedicated to my mother, Sidney, because she is the icon I look up to. Fabulous and care-free! Oh, and because she thinks she’s Marilyn!!

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