Flashy Day Look For Your Eyes

This is a more subtle look.  One that you would use during the day.  If you notice, she is wearing dark eyeliner which should be used mostly at night but since she is using a light gold with shimmer it evens it out.  The corner of her eyelids have been brushed with a shiny brown to give it a shadow look.  These two colors go great together and they both have the same silk-like look.  When using two different eye shadows you should try and keep it to the same brand or the same texture.  They’ll definitely mix better if you ever use the smokey look, too.  When choosing an eyeliner to wear during the day you should probably choose a color besides black.  Brown or light tan, even a green or purple color would be fine.  You would be surprised at how well the colors shown here and a nice purple eyeliner bring our your eyes.  Don’t ever be afraid to wear mascara thought!  Big, long eyelashes are always a plus.

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