Class or Trash

No female, no matter what age, wants to be considered trashy.  Well, maybe some do.  So if that is your preference this doesn’t apply to you.  Anyway!  Think of things that you could do to stay looking classy in public.  When you’re at the bus stop pull out a book or sit quietly listening to your iPod.  While in an atmosphere where there is alcohol, try and take it easy.  If you know you are not a drinker then don’t drink a lot.  It’s really simple.  Also, if you feel like you might be having more “fun” than the others around you, you should probably tone it down a little.  Everybody wants someone who is fun and outgoing but definitely not sloppy.


2 Responses to “Class or Trash”
  1. fitra says:

    yeah thats right!dont make and touch alcohol,a better you do something but not alcohol,cause it not good for your future

  2. sid says:

    Yes, also pull out the small dictionary you keep in your coach purse that happens to match your shoes and gloves!

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