Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Macrae Conte

M a c r a e   C o n t e

Macrae Conte was born to be a star in the hair and makeup world.  Growing up in Lower Burell, Pennsylvania didn’t give her many options to find the places that revolved around glitz and glam, but she continued to show that she could shine.  Friends knew she was a star when they started realizing they had to book hair appointments from her at the age of 13.
Everyone could tell that the normal college life wasn’t the right place for all of Macrae’s talent to be.  After a few years of realization, she was off to beauty school!  Graduation could not have happened sooner and she is now working at Regis which is a hair salon in Monroville, Pennsylvania.

We were able to personally ask Macrae a few questions so keep reading to check out what she had to say.

My10Online: Where do you want to be in five years?
Macrae: “I would like to be doing photo shoots regularly that would be partnered with amazing photographers. And of course still styling hair at a salon, because that is my first true love.”
My10Online: What makeup do you prefer to use?
Macrae: “I started out using Kryolon, however my makeup collection is compiled with different brands. ie. Mac, Urban Decay, Chanel, and also any drug store brands.”
My10Online: Is there a certain beauty stylist that you often get ideas from?
Macrae: “There is not a particular stylist that I idolize. However, when I went to school at Paul Mitchell all of the Stylists I met within were so inspiring.”
My10Online: If you could pick anywhere in the world to work at in this type of industry, where would it be?
Macrae: “L.A. duh! I am a home body though, and I can’t be away for too long. So eventually, I would like partake in high-end fashion photoshoots, or specialty shoots like pin up themed! At the end of the day, I would stay true to my roots and still be styling my friends, family, and my loyal clients in or around my hometown.”

Click on Macrae’s photography to see it all up-close and and personal.  She fabulously styled their hair, put on their glamorous makeup, and picked their awesome outfits.  If you like what you see send her an email!

Models: Lauren Coulter, Autumn Eckhert, Luke Linnon and Ed Pokusa
Photography: Macrae Conte


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  1. Joan says:

    wonderful pictures by a wonderful girl!!

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