Facts About Fish Oil

I have been asked this question several times: “Is fish oil really from fish?”  The answer is… YES!  Fish oil comes from oily fish and that is no lie.  It contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids, (EPA and DHA), that are actually not found in the fish itself but found in what the fish eats such as microalgae or the prey fish it eats.

Countries with the largest amount of fish intake have the least amount of depression problems.  Fish oil has been useful for many different purposes such as treating anxiety and severe depression.  It helps enhance the benefits from the depression medicine that one might already be taking.

Those with breast, colon, or prostate cancer should begin to take fish oil.  It has been said to reduce the growth of prostate cancer.  Women can also lower their risk of breast cancer by making fish oil caplets a part of their daily diets.

Fish oil can also be called ‘brain food’ because it is supposed to give you strong mental health.  Having this supplement in your daily routine known as life can definitely lead you on the healthy path.


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