Birthday Box

Parents, you need to know one thing.  When your kid starts going to school you’re going to be seeing a lot of birthday cake.  You’ll also see a lot of money go flying out the window because of all of the presents you will have to buy.  Birthdays are never a bad thing, but sometimes they just aren’t as affordable as we’d like them to be.  Especially when you have 27 kids in a kindergarten class that all want to have parties.  Try something other than the normal barbie or truck.  Try this memory box that we found out how to make from  It saves money and also keeps your child’s imagination growing.

All you do is find or buy a box.

Have your kid decorate it however they’d like and make sure they put their friend’s name on it.

Help them fill it with things that remind them of their friend or memories they shared with them.

This box doesn’t even have to be for a birthday, but it is definitely a money saver and a lot of fun!  Adults, you can make these your next Christmas presents.  It’s a great way to be able to look back on the memories you have made with someone for the past year or maybe just a memory of an event or holiday.  No matter what the box is about, it will still be a very special gift.


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  1. Jeanie says:

    GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!

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