The Ugg Boot Battle

Will they weather the storm?

Uggs stepped on the stage as the main event, and haven’t looked back since. No matter what season, time of day, or location – Uggs are there. To girls they travel on the pavement as a silent fashion statement, but to men they scream, “Look at me – I have Uggs!”

A common theme that seems to becoming an accessory to the Uggs, is spandex pants. The painted on leggings are the perfect comfort choice to pair with Uggs. The combination is even made popular in the middle of winter when paired with a sweatshirt and no pants. Leggings are not pants so don’t expect them to keep you warm in brisk temperatures.

There seems to be a huge attachment to Uggs. Ladies wear their Uggs ripped and torn, dirty and disheveled, and can’t seem to open the trash can and put them slowly down into it. The connection is understandable due to the Australian sheep wool and to the hefty price.

Ugg boots have sure dominated footwear fashion for the past few years, but can they make it through the long haul?


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