Cheap and Trendy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is less than a week away and I know that a lot of you are just like me and don’t have a costume ready yet.  Spending money on a costume that will become stained or ripped within two hours just isn’t worth it any more.  You need something simple and cheap for you and your child but you need it fast.  Get the scoop right now on how to make your own Halloween costumes for you and your kids!

For you:

Alice in Wonderland
Quick, easy, and cheap.  Everything can come from the goodwill or your own closet which will cost you $15 or less!  Grab a light blue dress, a white apron, white tights, and black shoes and you’ve made yourself into Alice!  If you want to be a “zombie” Alice, just add some black painted scratches to your face, rip your tights, and also add the black paint and rips to your apron.  I recommend not damaging the dress because you would be able to wear it again for any occasion.

Toy Story – Woody
Find a pair of jeans, preferably straight leg blue jeans, and grab a pair of high black boots. Pick up a long sleeve shirt, either yellow or orange, and then find a cheap cow print vest.  (Might sound hard, but during Halloween you can find anything!) Use a black vest if you can’t find a cow-print one.  The last two steps are to grab a belt with a huge buckle and your cowboy hat.  Then you’re all ready for an adventure which was made cheap and easy!

For your kid:

Click the photo to find more kids’ costume ideas!

Rock Star
Anyone can be a rock star, you just have to think ‘wild and crazy’ when picking out what to wear.  Go with black on the bottom, (straight leg jeans or leggings) and then a colorful shirt with glitter all over it.  If you want to accessorize to make the outfit stand out more, have them rock a studded belt, some metal bangle bracelets, and sunglasses then they’re good to go.  A toy guitar will also bring our the inner rock star.  Tease their hair and put some red blush and glitter on their cheeks and you have a little rocker.

If you have a Superman shirt in your child’s closet already, then this will be easy!  All you need is a suit and you’ve got yourself a little Cark Kent.  Leave the suit jacket open so people can tell who they are.

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