A Little Bit About: Ralph Lauren

Real name: Ralph Lipschitz
Born on:
October 14, 1939
Born where: New York, New York
Grew up in:
The Bronx

The Man Himself:

Often thinking that Ralph Lauren is simply a clothing line, people don’t realize that this is an actual designer who does it all.  From the ‘HOT’ perfume you spray to the bedding you might sleep in to the paint on yout kitchen walls; he has become a worldwide trademark for his designs to fit any household and stylish need.

Two out of the many awards that Ralph has one are the Womenswear and Menswear Designer of the Year.

For men: His first styles for men brought the tweed suit
For women:
He brought to the table his fabulous taste with a splash of feminism
Signature piece:
His mesh sport shirt which came in an array of colors with his trademark known as the Polo Player

The Great Gatsby was a huge push for his work.  He dressed actors and actresses in his current line at the time that fit each role perfectly.

In his younger years, Ralph took classes at nighttime and worked in sales for a tie company during the day.  Inspiration came when he realized he wanted to design his own neck-wear.  He wanted to start his own business and that is exactly what he did.
He changed his last name to Lauren and created different styles of ties that went under the name that we see so much today, Polo.

Check out some of his recent outfits by clicking on the pictures below.


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